Affiliate program: benefits

How can you benefit from our affiliate program?
Our affiliate program is easy, effective and efficient

Easytobook offers 300,000+ hotels in 26,000+ cities worldwide at competitive rates. Our affiliate program has great earning potential for you: you can simply make money by promoting hotels on your website.

Our affiliate team is committed to helping you develop your affiliate campaigns and maximize your booking volumes. On top of this, you will have 24hr access to our back office, where you can find implementation support and real-time booking overviews, so you always know exactly how much you have earned.

Great commission & 30 day cookie

We pay the best market commission, to thank you for generating bookings with us. Our model is based on your performance: the more bookings you generate, the higher your commission.

For the 1st to the 25th booking per month, you will receive 40% of our commission
For the 26th to the 50th booking per month, you will receive 45% of our commission
From the 51st booking per month, you will receive 50% of our commission

For example: You made 100 bookings this month. This means that you will receive 40% commission on the first 25 bookings, 45% on the next 25 bookings, and 50% on the remaining bookings. Based on the average Easytobook booking value, you would earn €1850 for these 100 bookings!

Our built-in tracking will ensure that all bookings generated from your site will be credited to you, including returning visitors due to our 90 day cookie.

Please note that you will receive commission based on actual stayed reservations (no cancellations) and that the “last cookie counts” principle applies.

High quality website with multilingual content

We take pride in offering our visitors a website that is easy to use, with high quality content and the best accommodation offers. Our content is available in all major languages, to reach customers all around the world. The combination of a high number of hotels with multilingual detailed information provides our customers an excellent tool to find the accommodation that best suits their specific needs.

  • Visitors can make reservations within 4 clicks from the homepage
  • Minimum information needed to perform the booking
  • Pay when you stay, no down payments
  • Lowest price guarantee

Highest conversion ratio

Due to our high quality content and user-friendly booking system, you will be able to generate a maximum number of bookings. Through the connection with the Easytobook booking system, you can offer your visitors our highly competitive room rates and excellent availability, thus creating the highest earning potential for you!

Free, flexible and easy setup

Setting up your affiliate campaign is really simple and completely free of charge. Once you have signed up, you will get immediate access to our back office, where you will find all the information you need to get started, together with clear instructions. Whether it’s a simple text link to place on your website, or a customizable search box or banner: you will find it all at your finger tips.